Production Line Conversions
Production Line Conversions
Business Description
  • Introduction Of New Models

    Introduction of new models for welding lines, to realize collinear production of new models and original models

  • Capacity Improvement

    Improvement of line productivity, to convert and upgrade the low-beat lines to high-beat lines

  • Old Line Relocation

    Introduction of new models for welding lines, to realize collinear production of new models and original models

  • Manual Operation Converted To Automatic Operation

    Change manual operation to automatic operation. Transform the manual loading station into automatic loading station. Transform the manual welding station into automatic welding station. Transform the manual gluing station into automatic gluing operation, etc.

  • Intelligent Transformation

    By incorporating MISP industrial big data system, the line beats can be optimized and the failure rate can be lower.

  • 01
    Preparation Before Transformation

    1. Full demonstration and innovation of process plan
    2. Sufficient on-site surveying and mapping, logistics confirmation
    3. Detailed construction plan
    4. Rigorous project plan
    5. Personnel and materials management
    6. Standard project management; standard documents, SAP

  • 02
    Management During Transformation

    1. Mobilization before construction
    2. Daily work arrangement and confirmation
    3. Safety management
    4. Emergency plan
    5. Logistics support, customer support, logistics support, customer support

  • 03
    Summary After Transformation

    1. 24-hour production accompany
    2. Quick response to problem points
    3. Summary and standardization

  • Digital Transformation

    Digital transformation is introduced for line verification and transformation in virtual lines, to greatly reduce the on-site transformation time and shorten the whole transformation cycle.

  • Wide Application

    The transformation can be applied widely, including main line, side enclosure line, floor assembly line, floor main line, four-door and two-cover lines etc.

  • Modular transformation

    Modular upgrading can be implemented to lines based on MINO standard solutions.

  • Intelligent Monitoring And Diagnosis

    Line transformation is integrated with the MISP system independently developed by MINO, to intelligently monitor and diagnose lines and predict the failure points of lines, and therefore to greatly reduce the failure rate of lines.

  • Make the best use of existing production lines

  • Make the best use of existing production lines

  • Make sure of no quality fluctuation due to the introduction of new technologies

  • Shorten transformation cycle and reduce impacts of production suspension

  • Realize flexible compatibility without mechanical transformation at the introduction of new models

  • OLD
    Original manual line process
    Manual welding line: 18 positions in total, 72 operators in two shifts;
    Number of model: 5 models;
    Original conveying mode: ground chain & friction wheel;
    Control system: Mitsubishi;
  • news
    Situation after transformation
    Number of robots: whole-process automation, 28 sets;
    Number of models: 8 models, the subsequent new models can be compatible flexibly without mechanical transformation;
    Number of production models: 8 models;
    Beat: within 44.1s, effective welding time ≥ 35s;
    Control system changed to: OMRON "
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