Standard Robot Workcell
Product Introduction
Standard Robot Workcell
Standard Workstation which adopts standard and modular design is easy to install and maintain. The combination of Workstation Module and Auxiliary Process can meet the requirement of different process from Medium & Small Subassemblies
Product Module
Product Parameters

Fixture Repositioning Accuracy:

Turntable Non-process Time

Multi-model flexible production

Installation method

Standard Equipment:

Standard Software:



Multi-model small batch production

Overall BASE floor

Standard Room


Robot Base

Fixtures Switching System

Standard Electrical Drawing,

Standard PLC Program

Standard Big Data Analysis Service


Product Advantages
  • 10 minutes
    Completing the new model program settings
  • 3 hours
  • 75 days
    Standard delivery time
  • Intelligent Data Software Analysis Service
  • Providing remote support, remote maintenance
  • Standardized design
    Free combination into a line, suitable for various processes
  • Machinery, electrical equipment, software level all highly standardized
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