SE Development Assistance Service
SE Team Overview
Position Number of employees1-3 years of industrial experience Number of employees3-5 years of industrial experience Number of employees5-8 years of industrial experience Total
Technical Director / / 5 5
Step Simulation 8 5 3 16
Mechanical Design 12 6 3 21
Layout 2 2 1 5
Associate Technologies / 2 1 3
PD Expert / 2 / 2
Conveyor Expert / 1 1 2
Data Management 2 / / 2
List of Special Standards 1 1 2 4
Team Capability
  • 1-3 years of industrial experience
  • 3-5 years of industrial experience
  • 5-8 years of industrial experience
SE Service and Deliverables
SE is divided into four phases: punching SE, welding SE, coating SE and assembling SE. We mainly provide the development assistance service related to welding Simultaneous Engineering, the service contents of which are as follows:
Phase Item Description Deliverables
Phase-I Engineering Design Analysis of assembly process Feasibility Analysis of Welding Process Analysis Report for Assembly of Welding Parts
Interference inspection of parts assembly
Feasibility analysis of welding process Define parts connection mode (steel spot welding, aluminum spot welding, CO2 shielded welding, SPR, FDS, Flexweld, Bolt, etc.) Report for Feasibility Analysis of Welding Process
Analysis and determination of the quantity, size and surface quality of welding spots
Analysis of welding overlap
Define gluing method and area
Weldability Analysis Analyze and optimize the methods of welding between parts (manual welding, automatic welding, robot welding or laser welding, etc.) Weldability Analysis Report
Feasibility analysis of projection welding nut, stud and spot welding
Analysis on the number of welding spots and the human-machine operability of welding parts
Phase-II Engineering Design Partitioning of car body structure Establish assembly strategy Family Tree
Analysis of partitioned sub-assembly structure
Analysis of Positioning and Clamping Points Analysis of locating hole PLP document
Analysis of locating surface
Definition and analysis of support clamping surface
Welding Process Planning Analysis on the loading sequence of parts Process Planning Scheme
Analyze and optimize the operation content and realization form of each station
Process design (work sequence, welding content, welding position, welding quantity, standard working time, equipment and fixture)
Layout plan and workshop logistics design (define and optimize workshop station layout, process flow and logistics) Layout
Analysis of operation man-hour (analyze the cycle time and balance of each station, define the number of workers at each station and adjust the work content of each station) Cycle Time
Phase-III Engineering Design Simulation Selection & simulation of robot, welding gun and other process equipment Simulation
Simulation of joining process accessibility
Logistics simulation Simulation and verification of the cycle time and output of production line Plant Simulation
verification of the buffer quantity between and within production lines
3D design 3D structure design 3D
Design of conveying (between lines, within lines, equipment switching, etc.)
Multi-vehicle flexible switching assembly structure

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