Trial Production Service
Trial Production Service
Trial Production Service
Standard Solution
"Minimized non-process time – minimized floor space – building-block fixture flexible changer system"
Flexible Trial Production Solution
MINO flexible trial production solution aims to meet the increasing demand of customers for automatic trial production, and to create an automatic, flexible and intelligent MINO standard trial production workshop solution. At present, the trial production workshop has features like a large number of devices, big floor coverage, and large personnel input etc. MINO flexible trial production line can meet the needs of finished automobile and a variety of new technologies, quickly respond to the delivery time, and reduce the equipment investment of manufacturers.
  • Product Parameters
  • Product Advantages
  • Process coverageWelding, SPR, Impact, gluing, stud, arc welding, laser, aluminum connection
  • Welding spot coverage of finished automobile68%
  • Automation rate83%
  • Cycle time2JPD
  • Reduction of initial investment56%
Welding, SPR, impact, gluing, stud, arc welding, laser, aluminum connection
  • 1. Flexible trial production: newly-built flexible trial production line/workshop

  • 2. Introduction of new models: newly-introduced models, realizing collinear production of new models and original models

  • 3. Productivity improvement: improvement of line productivity, upgrading low beat lines to high beat lines through transformation.

  • 01
    Project Preparation

    1. Full demonstration and innovation of process plan
    2. Rigorous project plan
    3. Personnel and materials management
    4. Standard project management:standard documents,SAP

  • 02
    Management During Project

    1. Mobilization before construction
    2. Daily work arrangement and confirmation
    3. Safety management
    4. Emergency plan
    5. Logistics support,customer support,logistics
    support,customer suppor

  • 03
    Summary After Project

    1. Production accompany

    2. Quick response to problem points

    3. Summary and standardization

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